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SWITCHINGLOW EVM Prototype Assembly

This educational Project allows to understand the AmpDiVa technology
by the means of a monophonic audio amplifier evaluation and development kit.

Studio R.T.S. Rampin ing. Marco decided to offer this Project
after the great interest gained during the European Maker Faire 2015 in Rome.

This Project is provided to professional users (companies, researchers, designers)
who would try to experiment with the AmpDiVa technology.

The AmpDiVa technology enables the development of
full H-bridge or half H-bridge power circuits based on vacuum tubes as switching power devices
instead of the commonly used semiconductor power devices.

The following concepts are at the core of this technology:
- use of the positive grid polarization in order to increase the
tubes full conduction current
- use of several parallel connected tubes in order to
increase the current on each bridge arm
- use of floating grid drivers to feed the switching signals
to the tubes
- use of Signal Integrity technologies to control the switching timing
of parallel connected tubes


The block diagram includes:
- the Analog Pulse Width Modulator, in which the analog input audio signal
is processed to give a dual PWM streams
- the Floating Grid Drivers, which provide with the suitable polariry the PWM
to the grids of the power circuit tubes
- the half H-bridge power circuit, which uses the tubes as switching power devices
to feed the power supply current to the output load
- the EMI output filter needs to avoid the high frequency components
- the various power supply generators

The Analog Pulse Width Modulator and the Floating Grid Drivers are provided
already assembled and tested within the Project.
The User should assemble the half H-bridge power circuit and a basic version of the EMI Output Filter
following the instructions and using the parts (PCB and components) included into the Project.


The power supply generators for the half H-bridge and for the analog Pulse Width Modulator
are not included into the Project.
These instruments, with no any building difficulty, are widely used in every electronic lab.

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