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SWITCHINGLOW Project Provided Parts

The SWITCHINGLOW Projetc is provided to all the audiophile Technicians who wish
to explore the AmpDiVa technolgy for tube Class D amplifiers.

The Project comprises a Techical Manual with the description of the:
- AmpDiVa techonology basic functionall principles
- instructions to build a tube Class D monophonic amplifier with analog input front-end
- test procedures to bring-up the prototype
- circuits that have an huge impact on the audio quality and on the EMI behaviour
modifiable by the User.

The project comprises also the following electrical parts needed to
build a demonstrator prototype for EXCLUSIVELY lab use:
- a preassembled and already tested monophonic analog Pulse Width Modulator, APWM
- two preassembled and already tested Floating Grid Drivers, FDG
- two customized power supply transformers for the FGDs
- the Power Bridge pcbs, PHB
- the tubes and all the other parts necessary to assembly the demo prototype
with a basic EMI output filter, OFB

The Project purpose is merely to allow the evaluation of the AmpDiVa techonology
so the Project does not include the following ancillary parts:
- power supply circuits to feed the PWM and the Power Bridge
- parts to be used in case of EMI output filter modifications
- parts to apply mains Vac to the FDGs power supply transformers

According to his evaluation and development shedule,
every User should provide by its own all these ancillary parts
not included into the Project.

Also the design and carrying out of a suitable cabinet
is left to the User ingenuity.

The preassembled PWM and FDG circuits are not deeply described on the SWITCHINGLOW
Project Technical Manual, that means their detailed diagrams, PCBs lay-out or assembly plans
are not provided within the Project documents, or in other worlds, there is no any
instruction to allow the User to do them itself.
The Studio R.T.S. Rampin ing. Marco is anyway available to disclose
all the detailed informations to allow an industrial production of these two blocks
after the signment of a suitable advisory agreement.


Read CAREFULLY the Project Terms of Use and Supply !


Project description
Notice & Disclaimer
For direct contact and further technical questions
Technical documents

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