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An electronic audio power amplifier can be built using
solid state semiconductors or vacuum tubes active devices.

These can be connected in linear or switching circuits.

That means we are able to design:
- linear amps made by tubes
- linear amps made by silicon
- switching amps made by silicon

The fourth arrangement seems to be missing:
- switching amps made by tubes !

The SWITCHINGLOW Project shows how the AmpDiVa Technology
allows this fourth arrangement can be done in every DIY lab bench .

The Switchinglow Project
Revisited 2022

RAITES Engineering is proud to announce
the Switchinglow Project Revisited,
the kit that allows the evaluation and development
of the AmpDiVa technology,
the method developed by Studio R.T.S. Rampin ing. Marco
to design and built real class D audio amplifiers
based on tubes as power switching devices.

The Switchinglow Project was on display
for the first time in 2016 at the
Rome European Maker Faire,
Trieste Mini Maker Faire,
Gran Galà dell'Alta Fedeltà in Padova and Milano,
Burning Amp in S.Francisco,
and published one year after on the Costruire HiFi magazine

#214   #215   #216  

The 2022 revisited project kit features:

- new Floating Grid Driver
with single 12V power supply
and reduced EMI  

- new Modular Power Bridge
that allows the use of 2, 4, 6 or 8
ECC99 double triodes  

- new USB digital BD-type Pulse Width Modulator  

now with higher clock speed to allow offset pulses insertion without
any compromise regarding the full audio amplitude range.

The Switching Project Revisited maintains
all the astonishing caracteristics of the AmpDiVa circuitry:
- low voltage rail power supplies reduce tubes stress
- low power, low tubes counting OTL/OCL simple circuit
- DC zero-Hertz coupling for the deepest bass sound result
- constant in/out transfer function delay to avoid any phase distortion
- high efficiency and minimum idle current
- near constant current source output produces
the same warm sound of a tube class A amp
with the crystal clear detail of a solid-state class D
allowing also loudspeakers serie connection

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The SWITCHINGLOW Project allows professional researchers, designers and developer
to approach the AmpDiVa Technology.

This completely new technology, that allows the use of vacuum tubes as power switching devices
in the bridge circuits of a Class-D amplifiers, has been disclosed in public
for the first time at the European Maker Faire 2015 in Rome.

It depicts an unexplored land full of promising new achievements.
It is the missing junction between the world of vacuum tubes, apparently bounded only to the analog domain,
and the digital one.
It is the missing fourth cornerstone in the design of audio amp
after the well know vacuum linear, semiconductors linear and semiconductors switching circuits.

A new land to discover in all its emotional perceptive involvements
between Arts and Science.

The Project allows the Technician to join the discovery of this new world
starting from a working affordable evaluation platform offered at a reasonable cost.

Be ready to discover a new land !

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