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Handcrafted Custom Made
High End
Class-D Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

The totally New World in High-End Audio Experience

After more than 110 years,
at least tubes can play digitally.

If You are a digital enthusiast
and You are looking for something really new,
then You have to know the AmpDiVa amplifiers
are the FIRST and the ONLY
existing Class-D amplifiers
really based on true switching tubes.

The astonishing AmpDiVa technology
allow tubes to SWITCH the POWER
in a real Class-D amplifier !


Forget Hybrids and go straight digital
to the loudspeakers
with the HOTTEST sound of the tubes !

The AmpDiVa Technology fills the gap:
now tubes can sound directly
in the digital domain !

The AmpDiVa Technology allows tube audio power amps to became really digital,
keeping the soul of their glowing heaters in a full digital
audio processing path.

Forget DACs.

The AmpDiVa Technology with its own full digital audio processing
allows to play your best quality audio files
with the hottest feeling of a tube amplifier
without any analog compromise.

Are You looking for something really unequalled ?

Each rare AmpDiVa amplifier runs thanks to a flow
of deep knowledge, strong passion,
gentle feeling and sparkling innovation.

...don't you wish to become
an AmpDiVa New World explorer ?

The missing cornerstone in
Power Audio Amplifiers design !

You know well
there were three ways to design an amplifier:
- linear vacuum tubes
- linear semiconductors
- switching semiconductors...

...and now here are the missing
switching tubes !

Each AmpDiVa amplifier is proudly designed and assembled in Italy.
Each AmpDiVa amplifier is handcrafted and customized to be a single masterpiece.

...still yet looking for something really uncommon ?

...still yet dreaming to be a Pioneer
riding on a New Land ?

If You would like to know more details,
please send an inquiry clicking here.

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